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High Quality Protection Services

Shumu Protection Services Has Worked With Highly Respected Companies Over The Last 4 Years.

Since 2016, Our Team With Over 12 Years Hands On Experience Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The Security Industry And Creating Reliable Services To Serve Our Clients.

Shumu Protection Services was started on the promise of providing high quality service to our clients. Shumu Protection Services was founded in 2016 by a local business woman (Nurul-Hoedah Shabodien) who is passionate about the security industry and has a background in B2B Client Services. Shumu Protection Services has been a vision for many years before its actual existence.

The director has been in the Industry for 10 years and holds the ranks of Grade A Security Guard with Events Security, VIP escorting and Close Protection Services. Shumu Protection Services has worked with highly respected companies over the last 4 years.

Our Vision & Mission


Shumu Vision

Shumu Protection Services would like to be the leading security company of choice in South Africa. To build a place where we are respected for our ethics, effectiveness and efficiency. To always bring satisfication to our clients in the most cost-effective manner.


Shumu Protection services is dedicatedto making a positive difference by providing quality security services. We effectively pursue the most proficient solutions for our clients and are committed to client and employee satisfication. We offer opportunities to the previously disadvantaged in South Africa and we promise to deliver the highest level of honesty and work ethic.

We Are The Industry Professionals You Can Trust On For All Your Security And Protection Needs.

Need To Protect Your Assets? We Are Professionals!